Kitchen Safety at Your Restaurant

The kitchen is the heart of your restaurant, and with staff constantly streaming in and out, carrying and preparing food, accidents could lead to injuries. Follow these guidelines to help protect your chefs, cooks, and staff while in the kitchen:

  • Carry items close to the body.
  • Do not bend, twist, reach, or use excessive force when lifting/lowering trays, coffeepots, bins, etc.
  • Do not carry dish tubs and trays that weigh more than 20 lbs.
  • Carry no more than 30 lbs. of ice at a time.
  • Use carts, dollies, and other aids to push, pull, or lift heavy items.
  • Inspect casters/wheels on service carts to ensure proper working condition.
  • Use garbage cans with wheels that allow rolling rather than lifting.
  • Do not fill garbage bags over their capacity.
  • Use small garbage cans (<55 gallons="" whenever="" possible="" --55--="">
  • Store materials safely off the floors and out of walkways.
  • Store the heaviest items between knee and shoulder height.
  • Secure gas cylinders with valve protection caps.
  • Provide stepladders to access high areas.
  • Keep walking surfaces clear, well lit, and free of water, grease, or other debris.
  • Clean up wet floors and spills as soon as possible with the appropriate cleaning agent.
  • Mark spills with warning cones or signs until the area is clean and dry.
  • Establish protocols to clean floors regularly, to prevent the buildup of slippery substances.
  • Keep floor mats in good condition in the proper areas (coolers, freezers, ice machines, etc.).
  • Perform routine floor inspections.
  • Wear slip-resistant shoes when working in the kitchen.

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The illustrations, instructions, and principles in this material are general in scope and, to the best of our knowledge, current at the time of publication. No attempt has been made to interpret any referenced codes, standards, or regulations nor to identify all potential risks or requirements.