Security Equipment for Your Business

Installing proper security safeguards can be a first step toward protecting employees and customers as well as minimizing the risk of robbery, property damage, and more. Consider the following equipment when developing your security plan:

  • Digital camera system with secure recordings and off-site viewing capabilities
  • Electronic safe with PIN code access
  • Core key locking systems for all outside doors
  • Security window with metal view flap and doorbell or buzzer on delivery doors
  • High-intensity lighting in the parking lot and at all entries/exits
  • Alarms for back and side doors and holdup burglar alarms
  • Locks for all cash registers, merchandise displays, main freezers, coolers, stockrooms, roof ladders, and restrooms; deadbolts or padlocks for outside access areas
  • Convex mirrors for hidden lobby areas
  • Installation of safety glass
  • Appropriate security signage (for example, indicating the presence of video surveillance, prosecution of shoplifters, etc.)

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The illustrations, instructions, and principles in this material are general in scope and, to the best of our knowledge, current at the time of publication. No attempt has been made to interpret any referenced codes, standards, or regulations nor to identify all potential risks or requirements.